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My Aching Back

It was a wild and woolly weekend weather-wise. It rained hamsters most of yesterday, and the wind got nasty overnight. I needed ear plugs to get to sleep. This morning there were various bits and pieces of storm gutter lying on the ground in my back yard. There was a brief moment of panic at this, since my first thought was that it had fallen off *my* house, but the pieces were white, and I was pretty sure my gutters are blue. I took a quick trip outside to confirm this. Yup, not mine. Later, my neighbor (the one who's building an addition) came over to pick up the pieces. The sun ducked in and out of the clouds all day today, but temps did creep into the fifties, warm enough to let me crack the windows a little.

Having nothing better to do yesterday, I got into full spring cleaning mode. Mind, I've been cleaning this place for the last couple of weekends (it really needed it), but it's been in small doses. Last week it was the bathroom and most of the kitchen. Saturday started bright and early with the rest of the kitchen. Then I tackled... the office.

I have a couple three bad habits when it comes to mail. First off, since I pay all the bills I can over the net, I rarely look at, much less open, mail from credit card companies. Second, I never throw any bills out, on the minuscule chance that I'm going to need to look something up someday, so the unopened mail gets piled higher and higher. Third, when I clean up around here because someone's coming to visit, I take those piles and shove them in boxes. Out of sight, out of mind.

I was in no real hurry this time around, so I figured it was high time to sort through all those boxes. Apparently the last time I actually did this was sometime in 2003. I tossed a bunch of stuff, put another pile of stuff aside for shredding, and put aside the actual statements, just in case. I also found an uncashed dividend check, and fourteen(!) unactivated credit cards. Only a couple are for accounts I actually use, and many are duplicates. Apparently, If you don't activate a card, they eventually send you another.

That done, I started the actual cleaning part. Ever have a moment when an entire process takes a completely unexpected left turn? It happened when I took down the curtains and found something that looked vaguely like mildew on the wall behind one of them. I suppose the curtain was trapping moisture from the window against the wall, although it seems unlikely. Whatever it was had to be removed.

When I first moved into the house five years ago, I meant to clean and paint all the interior walls. The previous owner was a smoker, and all the walls needed attention. I figured it would take me a month at most. Five years later, only the back room is painted, and only a couple of living room walls were ever cleaned. I just never got around to doing it, and time slips by. Since I was doing that patch in the office today, I decided I might as well go ahead and work my way around the room. In fact, since I had to move a bunch of stuff to get at the walls, I decided that I would leave it all away from the walls so that I can finally paint the room next weekend.

Because I don't fancy taking the office completely offline for a week, I decided to do the room in stages. I cleaned the two exterior walls, the bulk of the job, and will paint them next weekend. Once they're done, I can move the furniture over to that side of the room, and do the two (much smaller) interior walls. Easy peasy, right? It means this week I have to get some painter's caulk and some cover up primer, I need to fill a couple of cracks and nail holes, and I need to check on my supply of paint and primer to see if it's still any good. The paint's now five years old. I really did mean to do this a long time ago.

Now I'm completely tuckered out just thinking about it. Actually, my back is killing me, but that's more from all the stuff I wound up doing today.
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