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Nature's Grand Pageant

I have a new lawn mower. It's red. Got it at Sears last night. This evening I get to put it together. (Woo hoo!) Then I get to cut the grass. (Wait a minnit...)

It's almost an identical replacement for the old one, except for the being red part, which means the same couple of things that bugged me about that one are still gonna bug, i.e., you can't control the speed of the engine, and you can't control the choke. I could've gotten those things for another hundred dollars or so, but it's just not worth it.

In kamikaze bird news, another one mistook one of my two picture windows for the wild blue yonder. This time the attack was against the office window rather than the living room, so I got to witness the immediate aftermath of the the enormous "whomp!" as I was sitting at my desk. There was a glimpse of the body ricocheting off, and there was this circle of feathers stuck to the window, directly above the spot where the ex-sparrow(?) lost its continence.

I really don't know why the windows have suddenly become so attractive to the birdies. Heaven knows it's not like they're cleaned and polished to a mirror-like finish. Maybe I should leave out some business cards for LASIK clinics.
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