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Still Winning...

Another comeback win last night. LA gave up an early run on Jose Valentin's throwing error (his fifth so far), but tied it in the seventh on JD Drew's home run, and then won it in the tenth when Valentin redeemed himself by tripling in Drew and Jeff Kent. DeLo pitched another good game (game score of 69).

Alan Schwarz had a piece on ESPN.com the other day about which organizations produced the most current players, both in terms of quantity and quality. I was kind of surprised to see the Dodgers were second on the list, at least in terms of quantity, given that Fox did their level best to destroy the Dodgers' farm system during their tenure of ownership. Even on the quality scores, LA was still second in win shares, and first in both wins by pitchers and ERA. The thing is, a lot of that is based on players who came up a long time ago (Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez, among others), back when the Dodger farm system arguably the best in the majors. There was a time when there was always a better than even chance that that the NL rookie of the year would be a Dodger. Then Fox bought the team. When Schwarz repeats his analysis for players signed in the last twelve years, LA drops off the charts in every category except wins by pitchers, which is doubly odd considering the only current Dodger pitcher to come up through the system is Steve Schmoll.

Another thing he looked at was what colleges have produced the most players. As expected, the warm-weather schools, lead by the big two (USC and Arizona State), produce both quantity and most of the quality. Still, there at number nine in the combined win shares column, completely surrounded by warm-weather schools, sits Seton Hall. Go Pirates!

Factoid learned during the game: Buddy Carlyle's real first name is Earl.

Yikes, Nomar, that's gotta sting.

And finally, suh-nerk!

From Eric Neel's ESPN.com Page 2 column today:
24. Texas Rangers (7-8). Two guys taking in a game in Arlington:

Guy one: "If you took the $30 million you're going to spend on Chan Ho Park the next two years, and the $34 million you've paid him the last three years, and gave it instead to scientists in some research lab in northern California, what do you think the chances are they just might be able to come up with an anti-aging cream we could use on [Rangers' pitching coach] Orel [Hershiser]?"

Guy two: "What if we just paid the present-day Orel and took our chances?"
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