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Can't Win 'Em All...

The Padres finally won one. Erickson got cuffed around for five runs in 4.2 innings (game score of 28). They weren't really hitting him hard, just hitting him often. Still, I'm not going to worry too much about the fifth starter losing. There were good things in the game. Hee-Seop got a couple of hits, and got his batting average above .200 for the first time in his Dodger career. Drew continues to hit and draw walks. Milton Bradley made some great plays in center.

• Vin Scully, commenting during last night's game on Brad Penny's return to the rotation:
We'll repeat the fact that Brad Penny, weather permitting, is going to pitch Sunday in Colorado. If not, [Dodger rookie] DJ Houlton...

...Of course, I'm sure Houlton understands, but at the same time, that's nice, ya know? They say, "Well now look, kid, here's the story. If it's a nice day, Brad Penny's gonna pitch. If it's brutally cold, you're in there, kid..."

• Pedro Martinez pitched another very good game last night for the Mets. Pedro's game scores so far: 64, 87, 71, 75. <Still playing with the spreadsheet>

Time for lunch.
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