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Leonids, and Witches, and Pirates, Oh My!

I finally seem to be getting over whatever it was that I had. Haven't needed any cough stuff to get to sleep, and really haven't been coughing much the last couple of days. Despite the miserable weather (it rained all frelling weekend) I celebrated my new found health by taking a ride up to Boston on Saturday to see The Witch of Blackbird Pond at the Wheelock Family Theatre. A friend of JZ's is the male lead, so she begged us to go see it. It was kind of short notice, so I was the only one who actually showed up. The play was well acted, and JZ's friend was suitably dashing in his role. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for the play itself, which is based on a children's book about a young woman accused of witchcraft in colonial Connecticut. Part of it is that stories about ignorant holier-than-thou witch burners infuriate me to start with, but this story seemed particularly anvilly. The first act was particularly dreary. Things picked up in the second act when everybody got smallpox within the space of 90 seconds. Dropping like flies, they was. Later it all gets neatly tied up, and everyone you care about lives happily ever after. At least it was well acted.

After the play, I hooked up with Connie and Nutty for dinner. Hadn't actually seen either of them in a while (okay, a month), so it was great to get together with them. Lots of fun was had.

Sunday was just as miserable, weather-wise, so I stayed in watching old tapes. Watched The Crimson Pirate, which was great fun, followed by about five episodes of the original Connections series. Then there was a new episode of Angel, which I didn't think much of.

Tonight is the Leonids meteor shower, and the weather's finally cleared up, so it should be a good show.

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