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One Bad Pitch...

The Dodgers lost to Arizona again last night, once again done in by their starting pitching. This time it was Scott Erickson, much to the consternation to some of the watch & post crew over at Dodger Thoughts, who are getting ready to mount an unconditional release watch once Wilson Alvarez comes off the DL. (OTOH, Jim Tracy, who decides these things, says he wants Alvarez in the bullpen.) To be fair, except for one bad pitch in a one bad inning, Erickson pitched pretty well. That one bad pitch proved that even a guy hitting .156 can hit the ball out if you hang a batting practice changeup over the plate. And really, compared to the last starts for both Weaver and Perez, Scotty was throwing a gem.

The starters have been awful of late, and the offense seems to have come back to earth. They're still hitting pretty well, but when the starters keep putting the team in a deep hole every single night, it's really hard to keep coming back from that. Regression to the mean is a bitch. Fortunately, the bullpen has been solid, which means that the hitters at least get the opportunities to chip away.

Tonight Jeff Weaver tries to avoid the sweep, and one has to wonder which Weaver is going to show up. He's started four games so far, and his game scores are 73, 6, 83, and 3. The trend would indicate that he'll throw a no-hitter tonight, but I'm not even gonna bet my lunch money on that.

Hee-Seop Choi has finally started to hit. He'd been doing a bit better over the last week or so, then last night he went 4-5 with a homer, raising his average 60 points.

No painting got accomplished last night. I did mow the lawn. While doing so, I noticed that the grape vines I planted a week and a half ago appear to have died. Bother. I'm hoping they're just resting.
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