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It was a crappy day outside, and I feeling crappy inside, so it was a good day to do nothing. I started getting a little bit of a sore throat last night, and as this morning progressed I started feeling achy and lethargic. So I sat and read for awhile, then killed the afternoon playing games on the computer. I'm not as achy now, but I still feel dull.

Now I'm sitting here watching the Dodgers-Reds game on ESPN, and I'm sort of curious as to what the over-under is for the game, considering the two teams scored 33 runs in the first two games of the series. The Dodgers scored 7 runs Friday night before there was even an out in the game. Reds' starter Paul Wilson's ERA for the game went to infinity as he faced the first eight Dodger batters and didn't retire any of them. Brad Penny continued his strong comeback for the Blue, giving up only one hit over seven shutout innings on the way to the 13-6 win. The 6 runs the Reds got were all given up by DJ Houlton, who relieved Penny. Not a good outing by the kid. The Reds got theirs back Saturday. DeLowe was cruising along with the lead when he totally lost it in the seventh, giving up six in the inning. The Reds piled it on after that.

Speaking of Paul Wilson, back in the mid-nineties Mets fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival in the majors of a trio of young starters who were being touted as the second comings of of Gooden, Darling, and Fernandez. Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen, and Paul Wilson were to be the foundation for a Mets resurgence similar to the one the team went through in the mid-eighties when Gooden, et al., arrived. It never worked out. After promising debuts, all three were hit by assorted injuries. They were never able to fulfil the promise of all the hype, and within a few years the Mets let all of them go elsewhere. Isringhausen was converted to a closer by Oakland, and has done well at it. Pulsipher has been terribly injury prone, and is currently on the Cardinals' DL. And then there's Wilson who was exiled to Tampa Bay and then Cincy, where he's pitched in obscurity for the last several years, piling up innings for bad teams. Opportunity is fleeting.

It's Mothers Day, and MLB is celebrating by promoting breast cancer awareness, having the players wear pink ribbons on their uniforms, as well as pink wrist bands. It's a worthy cause, but it is kind of surreal seeing pink on a baseball uniform. ESPN is spending a lot of time talking about Sean Casey's mother, but haven't mentioned a thing about Red's reliever Joe Valentine (who it turns out was sent down to AAA Friday), who has two moms, who are no doubt just as proud of their son as Sean Casey's is of hers.

In other news, Seattle has a pitcher on the roster named J.J. Putz. Headline writers are no doubt praying that he has a bad outing.

The Dodgers are up 6-2 in the bottom of the seventh, and Weaver has pitched well, despite giving up a homer to the Reds' pitcher. Jason Phillips hit the first grand slam of his career to get the Dodgers the lead. There have also been two brilliant full-extension diving catches in right, one by the Reds' Ryan Freel (off Weaver, for pity sake), and the other by Jason Repko.
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