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Looking forward to the weekend, although I'm half expecting storm clouds to roll in right around 5 p.m. this evening because, ya know, it's the weekend. I hope not, though, because there's plenty that needs doing in the yard, and if it doesn't get done this weekend, it won't for awhile. Next weekend is New Orleans. Woot!

Things to be done tonight:

  • Buy some forsythias, and possibly some rhododendrons.
  • Get hair cut. (This has nothing to do with gardening actually, but I'm way overdue.)

Saturday and Sunday:
  • Weed and feed lawn, in (no doubt) vain attempt to kill off dandelions. Has to be done in the morning when there's still some dew on the lawn. Plan on having squishy sneakers.
  • Plant whatever shrubs get purchased tonight. (Note to self: remember that the fewer you buy, the easier this will be.)
  • Turn over tomato patch, and plant tomato and muskmelon seedlings. The seedlings I started aren't exactly looking all that healthy, so I may have to buy some.
  • Dig a strawberry patch, and plant strawberry plants. (Note to self: Make sure strawberry plants aren't already dead before starting this project.)
  • Decide where in god's name to plant onion sets. Plant onion sets, possibly around outside of hypothetical strawberry patch.
  • Pot up herb seedlings, if necessary.
  • Prune low-hanging branches on Bradford pears and evil thicket. Remember not to stand under branches while cutting them.
  • Go around yard with weed whacker.

One possible bit of good news on this front. One of the grape vines that I thought was dead appears to be forming a bud, so apparently it's only mostly dead. The other one still appears to be kindling.
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