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Ah, it's the last hour before vacation starts. Think I'm going to get any more work done today? I thought not. I have a ton to do tonight, including mowing the lawn. I would've done that last night, but I got this bizarre pain on my left side and upper left leg. I have no idea what it was. It didn't hurt while I was sitting, but was really painful to walk. It started hurting sometime after lunch, and by the end of the work day it was miserable. So I sat around last night, and did nothing, hoping it would go away. And it did mostly. It's still a little sore, but nothing like last night.

Speaking of pain, the Dodgers played like chumps dropping three in a row, but unloaded on Dontrelle Willis and the Marlins last night, scoring four in the first, eventually winning 14-5. The DTrain is now 7-1. DeLo got the win.

The two teams are playing an early afternoon game today. Through three and a half, Jeff Weaver and Josh Beckett are both throwing shut-outs. Mike Lowell had to be removed from the game when he lost Milton Bradley's pop foul in the sun, and it hit smack in the nose.

Only five times in the last seventy-five years has a pitcher given up eight runs in the first inning without getting a single out. The Reds' Paul Wilson has done it twice.

And now it's frelling raining out. Bother. The lawn really needs mowing.
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