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Lost at Sea...

Lost has never been my favorite show. It can be interesting, but mostly I watch it because everyone else does, and really, there's nothing else on in it's time slot. I found last night's season finale very annoying. It just seems to me that if you're going lay out a mystery over the course of an entire season, there ought to be a payoff of some kind by the end of the season. I was really disappointed. We got two hours that didn't satisfactorily answer any of the big questions that have been hanging around, and resolved absolutely nothing. We did find out what the Black Rock was, but it's sort of a pirate ship ex machina. After sitting in the steaming jungle for a hundred, if not two hundred, years, and it's in better shape than the drug runners' Beechcraft.

Botzilla? Still don't know what it looks like. The mysterious hatch? Gee, it's a mysterious tunnel. The Others? Just a bunch of red necks. The teaser was funny at the time, with the meta, and Arzt getting blowed up was fine, even if I don't think he would ever have picked up the crustiest piece of dynamite in the box.

The only mystery that was solved was the identity of who brought the comic book on the plane. Instead, we got cliffhangers, Shannon/Sayid, and oh, yeah, Scott isn't gay after all. Feh.

Another nor'easter rolled through yesterday. The only good thing about it is that having all this water on the roads has made the squeak in the rear of the truck go away again. Still have no idea what's going on back there. I was worried it was transmission related, but I don't think it can be if it can be lubricated by driving through puddles.
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