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Here, There, and Neverwhere

I finished Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere on the flight down to NOLA, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's great fun, and it all hangs together rather well. I liked it so much that when I happened across the six-part BBC miniseries of it at Newbury's last night, I bought it. Watched the first two eps last night, and it seems wonderfully cast so far, and very faithful to the novel (Gaiman co-wrote the screenplay). The special effects are BBC standard, i.e., not very good, but they don't detract, and there are some interesting bits of camera work. I am sort of glad to have read the book first, because I think there are a few bits that aren't explained all that well, such as how Richard winds up in his own broom closet while traipsing around with the Marquis.

I'm most of the way through Glen Cook's Whispering Nickel Idols, and it's been very good, one of the best Garretts in a long time. Also still making my way through a reread of Hitchhiker's Guide.

I also picked up a stack of comics last night, but only got through the latest LSH. I'm really not amused by what they're doing to my group. The art is good, the dialogue is snappy, but the plot lines and characters suck badly, and are boring to boot.
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