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Learned a new word from orthoepy today, limerence, which sort of means crush, in the romantic sense. There's a more complete definition here.

Orthoepy quoted the following bit from another blog in her LJ:

"My basic tenet about falling in love is that it's always about how long you talk. It's not what you talk about, not how they look, not how good sex is, or even how good they kiss. Think back to the times you were in love. Didn't it start out with a six-hour converasation? Or a four-hour chat? Or a few hundred emails? "

I totally agree with this. Thinking back on crushes past, I can pinpoint the beginning of a lot of the crushes to a specific conversation. Which gives me at least one strategy for avoiding the damn things in the future. Don't talk to anyone!

I can think of one crush that didn't really start with a conversation, but she and I were second baseman and shortstop on the same softball team. Double play combinations are all about non-verbal communication and trust, knowing exactly where the other half of the team is going to be without looking, so that you can just flip the ball to a specific spot in space and know that the other person will be there. Do that together for like five (six?) years, and yeah, a big honking crush develops. Unfortunately, that crush disappeared pretty quickly after actually we started dating, but I do still miss her. Good second basemen are so hard to find.

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