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It's airshow week here at Quonset Point, and I'm impatiently waiting for the Blue Angels to show up and start practicing.

Meanwhile, the temperature dropped thirty degrees or so overnight. Very pleasant.

The Dodgers have crawled back into second place on the strength of a couple of well-pitched games and a lot of timely solo home runs, but really, it's nothing to get excited about. They still aren't playing superior baseball. Weaver pitched well enough to win last night, but LA lost to the Royals, 3-2. On the up side, the Padres appear to have gone into free fall, their hot hitting having cooled off considerably since the beginning of June. If that continues, the Dodgers could sneak ahead of them into first. God, this is an awful division.

Two pitching notes: Brad Penny signed an extension, so LA has him for at least three years. Turns out he's also dating Alyssa Milano, which brings the hope that any of us really unattractive guys can get a hot date if we sign a big enough contract.

On a less annoying note, Eric Gagne's elbow problem has flared up again, and it looks like he's headed back to the DL, if not Tommy John surgery. Oddly enough, with the emergence of Yhency Brazoban, it's not as big of a loss as it might be otherwise.

Ooh, I just heard the sound of a high-performance jet engine outside my window.
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