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Spirited Away

Got together some of the Somervillains today for movies and lunch. Nutty and I saw Spirited Away, and Connie and Ellen saw Igby Goes Down. Afterwards, we met up with Jen, Emily, and vw for Tex-Mex and margaritas. Except that they wouldn't let Ellen have a margarita, because she didn't have her ID with her. They didn't ask me for my ID. Go figure. Then we went to a travel book and map store, where we planned out Emily's and Nutty's upcoming journeys. Actually, it was mostly planning Emily's trip. The planning for Nutty's trip consisted mostly of Connie and me pointing at various landmarks on a satellite photo poster of the area around New York City. I picked up a print of a map of Narragansett Bay from 1770, which I'll frame, and put up next to the LandSat photoposter I have of the bay. Very cool.

Spirited Away was fabulous. I had my doubts, because I've never cared for anime, but I loved this film. Nutty and I were the only people in the theatre (11:30 am show), so we figured we could snark if we wanted to, but mostly there was just rapt attention to the story and the animation. So much good stuff, with little hints of Yellow Submarine, The Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz (which I watched on the WB tonight), Alice in Wonderland, and even The New Gods. The first thing I thought of when I saw Yubaba, the old witch who runs the bath house was Granny Goodness, who ran the orphanage on Apokolips. There is also a lot of stuff for which I don't have the cultural references. The artwork was spectacular. Sometimes the backgrounds seemed to be flat paintings, other times they were more three dimensional. The architectural styles varied, too, sometimes Japanese, other times Western. Plus there are all these little details, like that the family's car is an Audi. You can tell from the logo on the trunk. I really need to see this again to look for more details. Such a chore.

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