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Gray Skies

A few scattered thoughts while keeping an eye out for the occasional blue and gold FA-18 streak by my windows. It's not all that a good day for plane watching. The sky is overcast, and the cloud ceiling is low. Every now and then, I'll notice movement out of the corner of my eye, but when I look, it often turns out to be a sea gull. Probably just as well as I have a pile of work to do.

Ooh! Two banking in formation just zoomed over the warehouse across the street. Neat!

Thanks to the wonder that is interleague play, the Dodgers faced Jose Lima last night for the first time since DePo cast him off after last season. DePo's move looked pretty good coming into the game. Lima was 0-5 with an 8.16 ERA this season for the Royals. Naturally, he picked last night to throw eight innings of five-hit ball, by far his best outing since his playoff shutout versus the Cardinals last season. Royals win again, 3-1.

Both the Yankees and Mets are both building new ball parks, or rather the Yankees are building a new park, and the City of New York is building a new park for the Mets as part of their ridiculous attempt to attract the Olympics to NYC. New Yankee Stadium will be built next to the old one, and will look more like the pre-renovation stadium, except that the current field dimensions will be kept, = rather than reverting to the original's 462' deep center field. The new Mets park will be designed to look a bit like Ebbets Field. Both teams decided a retractable roof would be too expensive, which is fine by me.

LJ has introduced support for tags, which is really neat. Now you can categorize posts as you write them for easy look up later, rather than having to use a work around such as memories. Cool. It's easy to do. The only problem is that you have to change to the S2 style system to retrieve them. Anyway, the tags for this post are "baseball, air show, live journal."

Now back to work.
Tags: aviation, baseball, livejournal

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