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Image Meme

And then there was this one, which I'm not going to do simply because, although it's an interesting idea, the questions presented are either pedestrian or nonsense. A lot of the resultant images will be duplicated all over the place.

Here's the meme:

Google image search the following:
1. The age you will be on your next birthday. Consider the website that's got the first image listed for "16." It turns out the picture is of a home-made ant habitat, along with instructions for making same. Imagine the surprise on this fellow's face when he checks his hit logs, and sees the spike caused by a zillion teen-aged LJ users linking to his site.

2. The place you live. This, at least, can provide some variety. The pictures I got were interesting, but nothing special.

3. Your favorite color. This was the most interesting picture of the bunch, a picture of sunspots in blue from the National Solar Observatory. Still, everyone who likes blue got the same image.

4. The place you want to get married. The frell? I always find it amusing that there are people who have the place picked out even before they've found the poor sap whose life they're gonna ruin.

5. Your first love. Really not sure who that would be, but most of the women I've had feelings for have had fairly common names.

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable. I say tomato, you see to-mah-to... Again, unless you're a big fan of durians, there's a lot of duplication.

7. Your favorite animal. I pity the poor web site that hosts the first image that pops up for "cat." I prefer dogs, but I'm sure that site will be inundated with hits, too.

8. The last name of your favorite actor or actress. I don't really have one. There are plenty that I like, but I don't really rank them. Stupid question.

9. The name of a pet. I suppose this could be kind of interesting, since people often give their pets the same kinds of names movie stars give their kids these days, um, names that are out of ordinary. But I'll bet there's still a zillion LJ's with a picture of a kitty for this question.

10. Your favorite song. I don't have one absolute favorite song. One of my favorites yields a picture of Mike Piazza for this one. Probably the best question of a bad bunch, just because there are so many possible answers, especially if you're a bad speller... Or don't know what the actual title is.

11. A bad habit of yours. How many bad habits are there, I wonder? What's the most unique bad habit there is?

12. Your middle name. Again, unless it's fairly rare, you're sharing this image with a lot of folks. Mine ain't rare.

And now to bed.
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