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I spent the majority of the weekend sitting in front of the computer like a lump rather than doing anything chorelike. Okay, I did do some straightening up in the basement, and finally got around to aligning my miter saw, but mostly I just played Civ III. It's one of those games that just grabs me. I start off figuring on playing for an hour in the morning, and next thing I know it's midnight. I suppose that as a way of forgetting about one's cares and woes it's healthier than heavy drinking or heroin.

I didn't go to the airshow. Turns out I didn't need to. Sunday afternoon, I got my own private air show. (I don't live that far away from the base.)

As penance for the wasted weekend, I've been doing yardwork in the evenings. Last night I mowed the lawn. This evening, I staked the tomato plants, weeded the onion patch, and took a pruning to the evil thicket, lopping off several dozen of the more encroachy branches. I have at least one tiny green tomato out there, still attached to the plant, even. There are also two teeny strawberries, about the size of jujubes, and they're just about ripe.

One thing I did finish was Crown of Slaves, by David Weber and Eric Flint, another book set in Weber's Honorverse, featuring some of the side characters Weber and Flint have been developing over the last few years. I enjoyed it, although it certainly could've been edited down a bit. Except for the end, which seemed really rushed after taking so long to get there.
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