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The Dodgers have dropped 9 of 11 on the current road trip. They were swept by the Royals(!) and the White Sox, and were lucky to split with San Diego. They can't hit, they can't pitch, and they keep getting hurt. The wheels have well and truly fallen off. Last night, for example, Jeff Weaver was throwing a perfect game with two outs in the fifth when he induced one of the Angels' hitters to hit a high pop up behind third base. Antonio Perez went back to get it, but lost the ball in the twilight. He circled around a couple of times, but never called for help. Because of this, Cesar Izturis, who was also in the vicinity, backed off to give Perez more room until he realized Perez had absolutely no clue. Then Izturis made a desperate lunge for the ball, but it tipped off his glove. Izturis wound up being charged with the error. Hapless. The next batter hit a bad hop grounder past Jeff Kent, and the Angels were off and running. Dodgers lose, 7-0. What Izturis should have done is called Perez off, running over him if necessary. You have to make that catch. Feh.

The injuries keep piling up. Bako's knee injury required surgery, and he's gone for the season. Of the six outfielders the Dodgers started the season with, only Repko hasn't gotten hurt, and he was only on the team because Werth was on the DL. It's sad that the best injury news of the season came yesterday when Dr. Frank Jobe went to reconstruct Eric Gagne's injured elbow. He opened up Gagne's elbow assuming that Gagne would need Tommy John surgery, but Jobe was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't a blown ligament after all, just some scar tissue impinging on a nerve. Gagne is still gone for the season, but he'll be ready for spring training instead of much later.

Now, time to head down to Jersey...
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