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If Greek Heaven is Olympus, is Geek Heaven Nikon?

When I got home last night there was a package from Amazon waiting for me by the side door. Eagerly, I ripped it open to reveal the Fellowship of the Ring gift set that I bought myself for my birthday. Now the two statues of the Argonath sit on the shelf over my desk, on either side of my Pocket Oxford Dictionary, warding off evil.

The set comes with the new, extended version of FotR, which is just wonderful. The additional scenes are just fab. It's so much fun seeing them for the first time, and yet they aren't jarring, but rather fit into the flow of the film seamlessly. I think I'll bring them with me to NJ, and see if I can't talk Alex into letting me watch it on his 61" screen with the full surround sound. Heh, and I'll bet he was worried that I'd come trying to convert him to Buffy again. Little does he realize...

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