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Long weekend...

It's been a nice start to the weekend, not too hot, not that I noticed right away. I'd turned the A/C on last night, and had no idea that it wasn't all that hot outside until Theodosia mentioned it to me on IM. I turned the A/C off before I went out to do my errands. It never did get all that hot today. Now they're shooting off fireworks over the turf field behind the house across the street. I can see them out my front window. I imagine there'll be more tomorrow and Monday as well.

Had an odd night, sleep-wise. Went to bed around midnight, and didn't sleep well at all - very restless, with odd scraps of dreams. Woke about 4, had a drink of water, had a look in at b.org, then went back to bed and slept until 8. This time it was all very restful, with at least a halfway comprehensible dream (not that I remember much of it now).

On my trip back from Jersey last weekend, I stopped at one of the outlet malls along 95. No particular reason to, just tired of driving at that point. While there, I picked up a pizza stone, along with a wooden peel and a cute, but uselessly small pizza cutter, at clearance for $10. Now, one of these days I was going to fulfil my need for a pizza stone by getting a couple of unglazed floor tiles at Home Depot, a la Alton Brown, but $10! With a peel, and I'm sure I can use the cutter for something.

Anyway, I decided that since it was nice out, and since I had just cleaned up the kitchen so there was more room to work than usual, I'd pick up the stuff for grilled pizza. Except I wouldn't actually be putting the pizza on the grill, I'd be putting the stone on the grill, so it would be more liked baked pizza. I didn't need all that much, really, just a bag of fresh pizza dough from the dairy case, and some sweet onions. I already had sauce, cheese, and sausage in the fridge. I also picked up the current issue of Cooks Illustrated, which had an article about the perfect grilled pizza. Which I wasn't, of course, making. It's a good article. I'll try their dough some time, but not today. Or tomorrow.

I used half a one pound bag o'dough, and it's good stuff, very elastic. A bit too elastic, actually. I had a hard time getting it to stay stretched out in a thin little round amorphous shape. I tried a rolling pin (which is what CI suggested), but I've never been very good with one. The thing that helped most was stretching it over the backs on my fists the way they do in pizzerias that aren't in RI. (Almost all pizzerias in Rhody bake their pizzas in pans. Don't ask me why. It's crummy pizza.) Next up was the sauce, but I discovered that my opened-a-while-ago jar of sauce had some fuzz growing inside the lid, so I decided to pass on it. What to do? I had a can of petit cut tomatoes, so I took half the can, drained of as much juice as possible, then mixed in some dried basil, oregano, and garlic powder, and spread that out onto the dough. Followed it up with some sliced, cooked Italian sausage, and topped it with some grated and sliced mozzarella.

I put the stone on one end of the cold grill, and lit the gas on the opposite end, and closed the lid until the temperature was about 400°F. Opened it up, slid the pizza onto the stone with my snazzy new peel, closed the lid, and baked it for ten minutes. The temperature was somewhere between 400 and 450. Next time I'll probably go a couple of minutes longer. It was cooked, but it wasn't as crispy as it could've been. Still, it was very tasty, and I think the chunks of tomato worked out better than plain old sauce would've.

Now to wait for my JLU torrents to finish downloading so my browser will have some usable buffer space so's I can post this. Hah. One done.

I'll also note in passing that I tried out a few of the newer S2 styles today. "Punquin Elegant" just isn't doing it for me anymore. I'm currently using the base version of "Flexible Squares." I like "A Novel Conundrum" quite a bit, too, although I'd have to tweak it some. It uses drop caps at the start of each post, which is neat, but I don't have the font it specifies, so for whatever reason it substitutes Comic Sans, which I'm sure is not what the designer had in mind at all. "Smooth Sailing" is also nice, albeit a little busy.

And there's the other. Now for some JLU goodness.
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