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I Have Met the Shrubbery...

What an absolutely perfect day it was here in New England. Not a cloud in the sky, 75°, low humidity, with a light breeze wafting though the trees. I spent the afternoon doing some long overdue trimming of the assorted hedges and shrubs around Casa Machina. I never did get around to it last summer, so most of them desperately needed it. Despite the niceness of the day, it's still something probably best not done during the hottest part of that day, and by the time I was done I was completely covered by a thick layer of sweat, dirt, and minced shrubbery. I was also completely wiped out, and started discovering some muscle groups that I hadn't heard from in a while, especially my right arm, which was doing most of the work with the hedge trimmer. Biceps, triceps, you name it, and also my right hand hurts just from gripping the frelling thing.

The residual discomfort helped make for a bad night of sleep, along with the couple of tall iced teas I had while watching last night's edition of fireworks over the fields. There weren't as many as Saturday night, but still pretty. Someone on the other side of me set off what must have been an M-80 or such like. Massive bang from out of nowhere, but there was nothing more from that direction. Anyway, between the aches, the caffeine (although not a lot, since it was half decaf, but it adds up), the diuretic qualities of the tea, and the fact that the local birdies seem to feel that as long as they have to be up at 5 a.m., then everybody should be up, I was up way early this morning. It's actually kind of chilly outside, 55° when I got up.

This morning most of the muscle strain is gone, although my arm is still sore. I also seem to have a slight sunburn, despite using sunscreen on my arms and face. The odd thing is that I don't have a sunburn on my legs, despite not putting any sunscreen on them. I guess maybe it's because my face and arms are closer to the sun, or maybe it's just that my legs are hairy.

While I was outside watching the fireworks, I noticed that neither of my front porch lights is working. I'd bought the fixtures at Wal*Mart four years ago, partly because they were cheap, but mostly because they came with light sensors that would turn them on when the sun went down. Home Depot has better quality fixtures, but none of them had the light sensors. They had some with motion detectors, which I use for the side porch, but I don't especially like them for out front. I've already had to replace the sensors in these once, and now they're starting to corrode pretty badly. Time to go back to the depot to see what's available these days.

The Dodgers continue their mediocre ways. Brad Penny threw a brilliant game Friday night against the Dbacks, but DLowe gave up four homers in only three innings of work Saturday, while DJ Houlton only lasted two innings last night. It was so bad that Tracy was forced to use Scott Erickson for the first time in weeks. The JD Drew got hit by a pitch, breaking a bone in his wrist, so he becomes the 16th Dodger to go on the DL this season. Yeesh. I'm not sure what's going on with DLowe. Even at his worst with the Sox, the one thing you could rely on him for was not giving up home runs. I dunno. Maybe he's been getting pitching tips from Jeff Weaver.
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