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Out for a Walk... Officer.

Went for a walk after Buffy, half expecting it to be snowing. They're predicting lots of snow for tomorrow, but the local news always do that, so that you'll tune in to hear how much snow you'll get. Anyhow, It actually seemed to be clearing a bit, and Orion was peaking through a big hole in the clouds. It was actually pretty clear in the gaps, and you could see a lot of lower magnitude stars.

My walk was interrupted by a policeman, who stopped to ask if I was okay as I trudged along the neighborhood lonely country road. Told him I was just out for a walk, and he left.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Somerville to meet Rob and Laura at another Buffista F2F. Then off to Jersey Thursday morning for turkey day. Huh, really should have done laundry tonight.

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