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The Rest of the Weekend

The reason I had so much time on which to fiddle with joysticks and such was because I felt like crap all weekend, the result of my lunch seriously disagreeing with me Friday. The argument was so bad then that I left work early to go home and nap for a bit. Saturday I was still queasy, and the combination of that, and the fact that I didn't want to take the truck on any long trips (it goes in for service tomorrow), kept me from going to Readercon. Pity, Glen Cook was there, as was Joe Haldeman, whom I've always admired.

The one potentially good thing was that the Dodgers were playing in Houston, so the game times were relatively normal for an east coaster. It turned out that I shoulda stayed in bed, though, as they dropped all three games, with the pitchers failing to hold early leads in every game. DJ Houlton, who has pitched reasonably well since being put in the rotation, outlasted Roger Clemens Friday night, but Yhency Brazoban couldn't hold it in the ninth. Carrara allowed the final nail in the coffin Saturday, while Sanchez blew it Sunday. The bullpen has just been awful of late. Meanwhile, the watch and posts over at Dodger Thoughts have become mean spirited, and the second guessing of Jim Tracy is rampant. He gets blamed for every little thing that goes wrong. No matter which reliever he brings in, someone is going to scream that it's the wrong decision. Except that nobody in the pen has been reliable. Who are you going to call? Scott Erickson? Tracy's other crime is that he doesn't play Choi enough, but although Choi has good power, something the current line up is missing in spades, he's not that good a hitter (.236/.318/.458), he strikes out a lot, and he doesn't walk as much as he used to. He's turned into Dave Kingman. I can't believe MLB decided to invite him to the Home Run Derby at the All-Star game. Olmedo Saenz is a far better hitter (.292/.353/.497), and they both play the same position, so who would you play? It's not like Tracy has a lot of options. I can't really blame DePo, either, because so many guys are on the DL, and because nobody could have expected the bullpen to be this bad after last year. Things aren't likely to get any better. Kelly Wunsch is done for the season.
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