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The Second Half

Thanks to last weekend's sweep by the Astros, the Dodgers come out of the break at 40-48. The Padres are 48-41, a .539 winning percentage. If the Pads maintain that through the end of the season, they'll finish at 87-75. The Dodgers would have to go at least 48-26 the rest of the way to win the division, a .649 clip. It's not impossible, but it's pretty damn unlikely that will happen. The wild card race is even worse, because the current leader, Atlanta, has a better record than the Padres. Pretty much the only way the Dodgers make the playoffs this year is if both the Padres and the Dbacks completely collapse. The big comeback starts tonight versus Jason Schmidt and the Giants.

One of the hosts at WFAN has said for a while now that the only way Yankee fans will finally accept Alex Rodriguez is when ARod hits a home run in the ninth to win a game against the Sox. Mission accomplished. It was a pretty exciting game at Fenway tonight. The Sox jumped out to a big lead, then the Yanks came back, and the game seesawed the rest of the way. Curt Schilling's debut as a closer wasn't good. He gave up a double to Gary Sheffield, and then ARod hit the first pitch to the back of the centerfield seats. After that, Schilling settled down, but the damage was done. Mariano Rivera then struck out the side in the bottom of the ninth for the save, blowing away the top of the Sox order.
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