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A Very Good Weekend...

Busy, busy weekend, with very large chunks of it spent in the car. Friday it was off to Chez Virago-Bug for a birthday party. The drive up to Cambridge was odd in that there was no traffic of any consequence, despite it being a Friday evening. This was true even at the Worst Intersection Ever, i.e., the intersection right next to the Doubletree, where the Mass Pike off-ramps funnel into Cambridge Street at Soldier's Field Road. On any normal Friday, it takes two, three, or even four cycles to get through this intersection, and traffic coming off the Pike is backed up to the toll booths. This particular evening, however, I was able to drive right up to the stop line at the intersection. I was amazed. All this generosity from the traffic gods also meant that I was way early for once, so I stopped at Whole Foods and bought some beer, figuring the time spent would help bring the timeline back into balance. The party was fun. There was chocolate cake, and Stargate watching, and math, so it was all good.

Saturday, veejane drove down from Somerville, and then the two of us headed down 95 to NY to meet up with my friend, Tom, and his daughter for Dodgers-Mets at Shea. Again, the traffic gods were with us (or else they were just too busy gumming up 95 north, which was pretty much a mess from Greenwich to New London), and we made it to Shea way early.

(For those of you who've followed the driving adventures of DX and Vee over the years, we did have a minor adventure this time around when I missed the exit For Shea, mostly because the exit sign said "Northern Blvd." instead of "Exit Here for Shea Stadium, Dummy," like I'm pretty sure it used to. It turned out to be no big deal. We were able to get turned around in the proper direction at LaGuardia, after which we were able to get to where we wanted to go with only one mildly dubious manueuver, and what's the point of having a pick-up truck if you can't do a little off-road driving once in awhile, anyway?)

We parked at the World's Fair Marina, which is not only a nice spot for a picnic, but is also free. (Which is odd, because both Tom and I recalled paying to park there in the past. Now I'm wondering if it was just some guy standing at the entrance of the parking lot collecting money from folks driving in and pocketing the proceeds. I mean, all it would take is a poster board sign that said "Parking - $10," and a means to prop it up, and you could make a mint.) It was a lovely day, sunny and hot, but there was a stiff breeze coming off the water that cooled things down considerably, so we sat and picnicked until Tom and S. arrived.

The less said about the game, the better, at least from the Dodgers' point of view. It was an ugly affair. The Dodgers jumped ahead early on a fly ball that popped out of Carlos Beltran's glove (and yet was scored as a hit), then Gio Carrara gave the game back to the Mets late on a four-pitch walk followed by a triple. Sanchez coughed up an insurance run to finish off any hopes the Dodgers had of coming back. Feh. Fortunately, the company was good, and the weather was perfect, so despite my team losing, it was still great fun. (I will also note that while my team lost, Tom's won, so at least one of us was happy about the outcome.)

The post-game traffic around the stadium was nasty, but once we were across the Whitestone it was clear sailing all the way back to Rhody, so it was a nice trip back. Plus, there was ice cream, which automatically cranks any nice trip up to great. All in all a great time.

Yesterday I was up in Taunton visiting with my BiL and nephew as they started a tour of college campuses. The nephew did great on his SATs (including an 800 on the history subject test). He's interested in history and possibly archaeology. We cruised around the Wheaton campus a bit, then had some dinner. They'll be headed up to Boston for the next couple of nights, so I recommended a couple of places to eat (Redbones, the Border Cafe). Afterwards, I went home and crashed pretty hard.

Also, you know what's great? getting into your car and discovering someone left a mostly full bag on M&Ms in the center console. Mmmmm, M&Ms.
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