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Busy baseball day. The Dodgers called up two players from the minors, and trade speculation is rife as the deadline draws near. What can DePo do to top last year?

Scott Erickson was finally DFA'd today to make room for Jonathan Broxton, an hard thrower who's been tearing up AA. It's a shame about Erickson. He had a nice spring, but was mostly awful once the season began. The surprising thing is that he wasn't shown the door weeks ago. Look for the Yankees to take a long look at Scotty. The other call up was Dioner Navarro. Mike Rose, who just didn't hit, goes back to Las Vegas.

ESPN's Page 2 had a bunch of good articles over the last couple of days. Eric Neel has a good rant about about the tomfoolery that surrounds the trading deadline. There's also a two part story here and here about which players playing today may make the Hall of Fame. It can be an interesting exercise. Of course, in the case of guys early in their careers, one can be wildly wrong about these things, so choices like David Wright are likely as not wrong, and someone completely unexpected may make it. Ten years ago no one, but no one, considered Jeff Kent a candidate for the Hall.

There's a semi-interesting thing in this week's Boston/Providence Phoenix on the financial connections between the Red Sox and the Boston Globe. The cover headline screams about conflict of interest, but there's very little smoke in the article, much less fire. The Sox aren't the first team to have ownership connections with a news organization. The Cubs are owned by the Tribune Corporation, and the Dodgers used to be owned by Rupert Murdoch's Fox Corp.

Manny Ramirez has announced he wants a trade, and speculation about that possibility seems to be causing heads to explode among Red Sox nation. Manny's enormous salary means that the Mets are likely the only realistic possibility for a trade, but they seem more interested in Alfonzo Soriano, who is cheaper and younger.

The Padres finally unloaded Phil Nevin, for Chan Ho Park, of all people. All you need to know about this trade is what Eric Neel said about it a while back:

Two guys taking in a game in Arlington:

Guy one: "If you took the $30 million you're going to spend on Chan Ho Park the next two years, and the $34 million you've paid him the last three years, and gave it instead to scientists in some research lab in northern California, what do you think the chances are they just might be able to come up with an anti-aging cream we could use on [Rangers' pitching coach] Orel [Hershiser]?"

Guy two: "What if we just paid the present-day Orel and took our chances?"

Yeah, I've quoted this before, but I still think it's hilarious.
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