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My Bad...

It's my fault the Dodgers lost today. I hadn't been paying attention to the game, but long about dinner time I decided to check the score at MLB.com. Lo and behold it was 5-5, with the Dodgers up in the bottom of the ninth, so I immediately clicked on the audio feed to listen. LA had the bases loaded, one out, and Saenz up. Unfortunately, the very first thing I heard on the feed was Charley Steiner describing the double play Saenz hit into to end the inning. Bother. Brazoban got into a jam in the tenth, but pitched out, while the Dodgers did nothing in the botton half, despite using their last remaining position player (Phillips) to pinch hit for the pitcher. Tracy then did something very strange. Phillips was the last out, but rather than put the pitcher back in his spot, Tracy kept Phillips in the #9 slot, and put the pitcher in Robles's # 2 spot, i.e., the pitcher would be due up second in the bottom of the eleventh, with no available pinch hitters. I can only attribute this to a brain spasm.

Anyway, while I continued to listen, Alvarez gave up a double and two walks to load the bases, after which I turned it off figuring maybe their luck would change. Nope. The Cards scored two, and Tracy had to send pitcher Jeff Weaver in to pinch hit for the pitcher in the bottom of the inning. Jeez. We had a chance to take a series from the best team in the National League, and I blew it for them by tuning in at the exact wrong moment. Worse, the Padres lost again, so now the DBacks are in first place. Every team in the NK West is under .500.

No big trades this year. There were some minor deals, but the Dodgers didn't do anything. Probably just as well, although after Lowe's miserable performance yesterday (another three homers allowed), I was hoping DePo could fob him off somewhere.

I spent part of today helping vee and her flatmate move to new quarters, which involved some heavy lifting down labyrinthine staircases, avoiding attacks by the dust bunnies of doom whilst doing said lifting, sliding sofas down ladders, and eating pizza. It was fun.
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