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Oh, the Humidity...

It's hot, hazy, and humid. Yesterday we had a very brief downpour, which I was totally unaware of until I walked out of the door as I was leaving work. It was then I noticed the puddles everywhere, and that the window on the truck was open. Sigh.

There isn't really much to report on the home front besides that. My home a/c system has kept me comfortable. I'm going to try to buy a garden shed at BJ's tonight. I say try because I have no idea how I'm going to wrestle the two enormous boxes it comes in up to the check out line, and thence out to my truck. I'll inquire about getting someone there to help me, preferably someone with a forklift. I have no worries once I get it home, because there I can just drive the truck into the backyard, and shove the boxes onto the ground next to where I'm going to put it up. Wherever that may turn out to be. (No, I really don't have much of a plan at this point.)

Wilson Alvarez decided not to go on the DL, and will stay with the team. He is definitely retiring at the end of the year. Houlton pitched well last night, giving up only a two-run homer to Preston Wilson. Unfortunately, the Dodgers only scored one run all night, so DJ takes the loss. Erickson cleared waivers, and is headed for Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, at Fenway, Manny and Renteria collided going for a pop-up, with Manny getting thwacked hard in the face. Johnny Damon had this to day about it:

"I knew it was no-man's-land. I was just hoping Manny would recognize it soon enough to call it, because Edgar kept coming back. He didn't really hear anything. It's one of those plays, as an outfielder, you're not quite sure you're going to get there. It was just a tough situation."

Johnny, you're the centerfielder. It's your outfield. You're supposed to be in charge out there. If they're going after the ball that hard, you're the one who's supposed to call one or the other off.
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