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Surgeon General's Warning...

Interesting night, for values of interesting that equal annoying. It all started well enough. The Dodgers kicked the Pirates around in a rare offensive flurry, 12-6. I went to bed about midnight, and for whatever reason, was curious about what the temperature was in the back room. I have a small, cheap Galileo thermometer on the bookshelves in there, but I had stack a couple of new books in front of it, so I picked it up to look more closely at it.

Imagine my surprise when the tube separated from the base, dumping all the liquid out. Did I mention that that particular shelf is the one that I keep autographed books on? Sigh. Actually, it turned out okay, because they used some alcohol or another (probably methanol) as the liquid instead of water. The reason I suspect methanol is that it evaporated really fast, so there really wasn't much of a mess after all. One book that wasn't autographed wicked up most of the liquid, and this morning you can't even tell it was wet. I am grateful that I don't smoke, though, because if I'd had a lit cigarette dangling from my mouth whilst the the methanol spilled all over the shelf and me, things would've gotten nasty.

Anyway, I cleaned it all up, then read in bed for awhile, Wodehouse's Right Ho, Jeeves, which is laugh out loud funny in parts. I finally turned out the light around 1:00. I woke up again around 2:00 and lay there awake for about an hour before falling asleep again. I wasn't really wired, or troubled, or uncomfortable, I just couldn't fall asleep. Very annoying. I was up again at 4:00 for a little while, and again at 6:30, when I threw in the towel and got up for good. Maybe I can take a nap later.

Note, upon further examination of the remains of my cheapie thermometer, I find it is repairable. I thought the glass must've cracked at the base, but it looks like the tube just press fits into a groove in the base. That means I can fill it up, and someday it can bite me again. Or not...
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