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The Wright Stuff

The Mets' David Wright made one helluva catch last night, a running, bare-handed grab of a pop-up behind third. It'll be in highlight films for years.

The Dodgers acquired Jose Cruz, Jr., from the Sox in exchange for a player to be named later. The Sox only got Cruz a couple three weeks ago. I'm trying to figure out why teams keep dumping this guy. He's a former gold glover, and although he only hit .213 for Arizona, his OBP is about .350, and his OPS is good, especially compared to the guys whose line up spots he'll be taking. Like his old man, he's just killed the Dodgers when he's played against them, so if nothing else, he won't be hitting against us.

Somebody will have to be sent down to make room for Cruz, either Repko or Edwards, I suppose. Repko is probably the better player of the two, but Edwards can play infield, outfield, and even catch a little. Jose Valentin hasn't hit at all since coming off the DL, but I very much doubt DePo will let him go. I still don't know what DePo sees in the guy.

eta: And... Edwards is on his way back to AAA.
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