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Back in the Saddle Again...

I am tired, but in a good way for a change. It was a nice, sunny day out, and for the first time this year I took the opportunity to haul out one of the bikes for a ride. It was just a short one, out the bike path and back at a nice easy pace. The body was creaking quite a bit, especially my right knee, and the bike (I took the old Univega, not the widowmaker) was creaking right along with it. Not being used for a year or so will do that. We were quite the decrepit combo. I felt pretty good considering my total lack of any kind of exercise in recent months. I'm sore, but it's the good kind of sore.

I was kind of surprised at how few people were using the path, just a handful of cyclists and rollerbladers, and only one person walking. Maybe the novelty has finally worn off. I can only hope. The odd thing was that despite the scarcity of people on the path, I ran into two people I knew, one a volleyball buddy, and the other my old friend, Beast, from grad school.

Anyway, it was good to get out and work off some agita. Why did I have to work off agita, I hear you ask? <crickets....> That's okay, I'ma tell you anyway. I mentioned last post that I was switching e-mail applications, from Pocomail to Thunderbird. I was trying various ways of exporting several thousand accumulated messages (going back to 2000; I rarely throw stuff out) from Poco, and importing to Tbird. Can't be done directly, since neither program has ever heard of the other, but after some mucking about I found Poco could export to a Eudora mailbox, and Tbird could import a Eudora mailbox. It worked great the first time I tried it, but I noticed that the mailbox I'd imported had a bunch of spam in it. Huh. The it occurred to me that they were recent spam, and although I'd deleted them, Poco hadn't got around to automtically compressing the mailbox. So I did a manual compression of my inbox in Poco, and I also did some minor organizing of the inbox, moving some things to other folders. Did the Eudora trick again. This time when I imported, although most of the messages were there, everything from a year ago til now was missing. Huh. It was late, so I decided to take another look in the morning.

This morning it quickly became apparent that something major had gone horribly wrong. Not only were a year's worth of messages missing from Tbird, they weren't in Poco anymore, either. Not only that, but remember all those messages I moved to other folders? They all now had the exact same message date - 12/30/1899. Yes, I do mean 1899. Mother puss bucket WTF!!!!

I must've corrupted the inbox mailbox file somehow, and doing the manual compression either set it off, or caused it itself. (Although, I know it had done an automatic compression not that long ago, so why not then?) Also, was the fact that it took everything forward from exactly one year ago a coincidence or a symptom? Sadly, the most recent backup was done last September, not so a lot of recovered messages are to be found there. I'm not sure when the last time I synced those files to my laptop, probably also about a year ago. Bother. The only good thing is that since Poco uses a separate set of files for each mailbox, only the inbox was affected, apart from the addition of a bunch of messages from 1899 to the other folders.

So faced with that so early in the morning, and on only a single cup of coffee, I decided to go shopping. I picked up a used copy of Rocky and Bullwinkle S1 at Newbury's for $18, along with a copy of Green Lantern #3. I could've bought plenty more. Strolled through Best Buy looking for a USB hub, but they weren't cheap, so I went over to CompUSA. They were the same price there, so I passed, but I did buy a new wireless mouse for my laptop, to replace the old one that died on me last week. After that it was off the BJ's, then the supermarket, where I bought ice cream.

I did solve one problem. I downloaded a little utility that automatically syncs the clock in Windows to atomic time. No more lateness getting out the door. There's just one thing, though. The utility minimizes to the tray, which is fine, but the icon... The icon is just creepy. It's an image of a plain gold ring.
One clock to rule them all,
One clock to find them,
One clock to sync them all,
And into Windows bind them...

Actually, it's probably a wristwatch.
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