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Wild game in Florida last night that the Dodgers eventually won 11-6. Choi got a rare start, and he delivered a single, double, triple, sac fly, and was also hit by a pitch. The lead changed several times before LA broke it open in memorable seventh, one that reportedly included a shouting match between the two team leaders, Jeff Kent and Milton Bradley. It all started with the with one out and the Dodgers down a run when Hee-Seop got plunked. Bradley followed with a single, then Kent hit a one-hopper off the in right-center, scoring Choi. Apparently Kent felt that Bradley should've scored, too, and accused him of dogging it when they both got back to the dugout. Ledee was walked intentionally by Antonio Alfonseca to load the bases. Alfonseca then walked Werth, bringing home the go ahead run. Valentine followed with a slow roller that Alfonseca couldn't grab with his bare hand, scoring another run. The ironic thing about Alfonseca not being able to somehow grab the ball is that Alfonseca has six fingers on each hand (as well as six toes on each foot). His grandmother allegedly calls him "Twenty-Four."

By the time the bottom of the ninth came around, LA was up by five, and Tracy handed the ball to Yhency Brazoban to finish things off. Tracy figured it would be a good way to build some confidence in the youngster, who's been getting clobbered of late. No such luck. Two singles and a walk later, it was bases loaded and one out with Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Delgado due up. Fortunately, Sanchez got Cabrera to hit into a double play to end the game, picking up an unlooked for save.

Still don't know what'll happen with Kent and Bradley, if anything. The game wasn't televised in LA, so no one at DT had an opinion as to whether Bradley could've scored, or even whether or not Glenn Hoffman tried to send him. Kent is a crusty SOB whose many disagreements with Barry Bonds when he was with the Giants are well known. Bradley, of course, is an emotional guy whose anger management issues are also well known. He has, however, been on his best behavior since he decided to entering counseling after last season's incidents. Kent didn't comment on the incident after the game, but said later it was a matter of a "a veteran player policing the clubhouse." Bradley rambled at length after Tracy met with him to calm him down. I suspect he was mostly blowing off steam. Tracy held a players only meeting after the game, and pronounced the incident closed.

The good news in today's game is that DLowe did not give up another home run. The bad news is that he wasn't in the game very long, getting yanked in the fourth down 6-0.

I'm not letting any of that bother me, however. In my little shopping trip yesterday, I picked up a loaf of Stop&Shop's premium maple-cinnamon bread, which is tremendously tasty stuff. It makes great toast, and fantastic French toast, which is what I had for brunch today. (I'd actually been looking for Nissen oatmeal bread, which I like for grilled cheese or hot dogs, but they almost never have it anymore. Even on Saturday, when Nissen delivers, there was none. I may have startled a woman with my mumbled curses. I hate it when food I like disappears from the shelves.)
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