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And Again...

It was a hot, muggy day, but my legs felt good this morning, so since there was a bike already sitting in the back of my truck, I went back to the bike path this evening for another ride. The legs felt a lot worse once I got on the bike, protesting that they were still fatigued from yesterday. The knee was still giving me a lot of grief, too, but it quieted down after a mile or so. Considering how tired I felt, I did well. It was the exact same ride as yesterday, 6.9 miles total, and my time was only two seconds longer, which would be a remarkable coincidence under any circumstance.

My timing turned out to be impeccable. As I was stowing the bike in the truck, the first rumbles of thunder came. The first drops started to fall as I turned into my driveway, and I was well inside my house before the torrent started to fall.

Regardless of the weather tomorrow, I'll let my legs recover. (They were really wobbly when I was going up the stairs to the attic to close the windows up their when the rain came.) Tuesday will be my first chance to match the number of rides I took all of last year.
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