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It was another pleasant, sunny day, another day without rain. My front lawn is terribly burnt.

This morning I rode the bike path from end to end and back, about thirteen miles total. It's fortunate that the last three were mostly downhill or level, because I was totally whipped by the time I finished climbing the long grade up from Peace Dale. It showed me how bad my stamina really is. Usually the limiting factor is my legs, but today they were fine. I remembered to take ibuprofen and put a brace on my knee before the ride. The problem was my lung capacity. I never fully caught my breath for the rest of the ride after the climb. I've never had that problem before. I went way too long without doing anyrhing aerobic.

I rarely ride the path through Peace Dale and Wakefield. Apart from the pleasant half-mile stretch between the two villages, it's just not worth it. There are too many busy streets to cross, too many backs of stores to look at, and then there's the fish ladder. Still the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

After the ride I started making a batch of potato salad for a BBQ with my volleyball friends tomorrow. Three pounds of potato slices are currently marinating away in the fridge. I didn't really remember the recipe, so I was going to do an experimental batch earlier in the week, but I never got around to it. Worst comes to worst, there's a supermarket on the way to the party.

Then, after what had been a pretty good day, I grilled a steak for dinner, and ate it with a large red & yellow striped tomato from my garden. And felt miserable almost immediately thereafter. This is like the third time this week I've gotten sick after dinner. The only food the meals had in common that I can think of are the tomatoes I've been picking, but I can't imagine why they'd affect me like this. I doubt it was the steak. If anything, I overcooked it. I'm feeling a bit better now. Very odd.
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