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End O'Summer

The BBQ was fun, and it was good to see everyone again and catch up. The weather was hot, hazy, and humid, mitigated somewhat by the fact that there was usually a nice breeze coming off the ocean a few blocks away. The experimental potato salad wound up being edible, but not exactly for the faint of heart. The main problem was that made enough marinade concentrate for ten pounds of potatoes, then diluted it only enough to submerge three pounds of spuds. The flavor, though good, was a tad overwhelming. Will have to experiment some more.

Yesterday morning, I finally decided to write the Dodgers off as a lost cause this season. They lost two of three to the Rockies during the week, then DLowe lost to the Astros, 2-1, Friday night, with Oswalt and Clemens to follow. Milton Bradley went on the DL, and is done for the season. It didn't matter anymore that the Padres are right at .500, and we aren't that far back. I got the proverbial fork ready. Except the Dodgers beat up on Oswalt, and today Jeff Weaver beat Roger Clemens, 1-0. Sigh.
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