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Saw Star Trek: Nemesis last night. It was okay, better than the last Trek movie, and the premise was interesting. It's sort of a Bond movie set in the Trek-verse, with the hero trying to stop an evil villain from destroying the Earth with a hitherto unknown, but humongously destructive, piece of technology. The crew finds the pieces of an android that appears to be an earlier version of Data on a desert planet, which gives them a good excuse to play Mad Max in the Captain's new hot rod. Back on the ship, they put the android back together. Now anyone who has watched TNG knows that this is a really, really, bad idea, but apparently the entire crew has completely forgotten about Lore, and the evil and stuff. Not even a mention. Anyway, they reactivate B4, and he turns out to be a much less sophisticated prototype of Data (and Lore, but they don't mention that, see above...).

Meanwhile, the Romulan senate is wiped out by a traitor allied with Shinzon, a Reman leader. The Remans turn out not to be of Vulcan stock, but rather more closely related to orcs. I guess some of the extras from LotR must have gotten lost on the way to the set. Shinzon, however, isn't even Reman. He's human, and not only that, he's an actual clone of Picard, created with the idea of using him to infiltrate Star Fleet. At some point, someone in the Romulan high command actually read the plan, and realized what an incredibly stupid idea it was, and sent the young clone to the dilithium mines on Remus, where he was raised by the Viceroy.

Shinzon wants to destroy the earth, and also needs Picard's blood for a life-saving transfusion. Picard decides it's time to leave, and heads for a rendezvous with a Star Fleet task force, on a course that takes the Enterprise through an area in space where long range communication is useless. Doesn't anyone on this ship have the foresight to read a star chart? Shinzon attacks the Enterprise there, and then Picard rams the Enterprise into the Shinzon's ship. Shinzon starts powering up his super weapon, and Picard and Data go over to his ship to stop it. Picard wins the fight, then Data sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise. At the end, Picard has a conversation with B4, to whom Data had uploaded his memories, and B4 is starting to sound a bit like Data.

As I said, this is a Bond film, and once I realized it, I was able to enjoy it because I just overlooked all the logical errors. There are three main things that annoyed me. First, ignoring the Lore connection. Second, a lot of otherwise smart people do some pretty stupid things, like driving a ship into the perfect spot for an ambush, or like rebuilding B4. Third, there's a lot of recycled material here. The ship rammage is pretty much identical to the crash landing of the Enterprise-D in Generations. The scene where Riker and the Viceroy fight it out is reminiscent of the end of The Search for Spock. The whole Data/B4 story line is almost the same as the Spock story line in STII and STIII. There is only one really new idea in the whole thing, Picard fighting his clone.

One last thing, the thing that bugged me most of all. How the frell did Janeway become an admiral, while Picard remains a captain. Jeez!

In other news, Firefly was cancelled. Joss has been posting on the board the last couple of days, and word got out. We've had a huge influx of new people. Waiting to see how that affects our little corner of cyberspace.

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