Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
5:28 pm - Adios, Milton  
It looks like the last nail has been put into the coffin as far as Milton Bradley's tenure with the Dodgers goes. In addition to his recent blow-up with Jeff Kent, there is now this story reporting that police have been summoned to his home three times on domestic violence calls. At least one of them involved injury to his pregnant wife. It's a curious story, because it appears that in one or two of the calls, Bradley was the one to call the police, and the DA has not filed charges, even on the most serious incident. Still, it's clear Milton still has some issues to address.

It's such a shame. I was very happy for him in the spring, because he'd sought help with his anger issues in the off-season, and he seemed to have made good progress. There were no explosions, he was playing well, and leading by example before injuries caught up with him. I thought there was plenty of blame for both him and Kent in the recent brouhaha, and I had hoped he'd stay with the team. He has great talent. This last bit of news, though, convinces me that it's time for him to go. He needs to get his life in order, and he needs to figure out how to treat his loved ones better.

Of course, this leaves DePo with a huge problem. Bradley is eligible for arbitration this year, and his injuries and the blow-up with Kent probably would've kept his salary reasonable. Now, he's probably untradeable, so DePo will likely not tender him an offer of arbitration, which means losing our starting centerfielder, and one of the best hitters on the team, while getting absolutely nothing in return. It's adds another position to the long list of hole that DePo has to fill on this leaky ship. There's also another issue here. As Bradley noted in his diatribe against Kent, he is the only African-American on a team that has always taken pride in its tradition of diversity. What does DePo do about that? Bozhe moi!

The Dodgers won their third straight last night at Wrigley. Houlton gave up four home runs, but he'd already been staked to an eight run lead, and they were all solo shots, so he finally got a win, his first since June. In his five previous games, LA had scored only four runs for him, so it was a nice outing for him. He really has pitched well lately. Yeah, four dingers last night, but he didn't walk anybody, and only went to even three balls on just one batter.

Meanwhile, the Yankees surprised everyone in baseball today by signing Sox discard Mark Bellhorn (who may have been the most surprised of all). I don't get it. Yeah, he walks a lot, but he's hit terribly this year, and what he's hit have been mostly singles. it's not like he's a great fielder, either. I suppose he's better than Felix Escalona, but jeez...

The only other thing to report is that for the first time in months, we got a full day of rain (and more) lasting yesterday afternoon. Toomuch, in some places. A lot of the roads were flooded this morning, but it as the day wore on it settled down to a nice, gentle fall. Nice for a change. Of course, I wanted to hit the bike path tonight...
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Veejaneveejane on August 30th, 2005 - 05:46 pm
Is DePo not as smart as I thought, or is he massively unlucky, or is it both? Because everything, but everything has gone off the rails for him. Hee Seop or no Hee Seop, the team is in a shambles.

Bellhorn's quoteables upon this signing were very -- well, muted, as one would expect -- but with his own vague WTF. He's awful as a bench player. He can't get into a hitting rhythm unless he hits every day. I gather that Cano is hitting like shit recently, but he's their 2B of the future. So, I think Bellhorn is going to be dead weight on the pine. Poor fellow. Maybe Toronto will snag him in December.
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DXMachinadxmachina on August 30th, 2005 - 06:25 pm
He's not as smart as he seems to think he is. He has also been terribly unlucky. Drew is fragile, but no one expected him to break his wrist on a HBP. There have been a huge number of injuries. DLowe's home run rate wasn't expected. Still, there's the whole luck is product of design. A lot of people defend him on the Lo Duca trade because it wasn't his fault that Penny went on the DL almost as soon as he got here, but the fact remains that he traded away our only catcher, and didn't find a replacement until the following year, and not an equivalent replacement by any means. He let our third baseman go and did not provide an adequate replacement there, either. He kept guys like Erickson and Grabowski on the team way too long. And he seems to have no appreciation whatsover that while offense is more important than defense, if your defense sucks you will lose games you should've won.

That said, it's not just him. Tracy's personnel management has been puzzling, and whichever moron thought it was a good idea for Gagne to adjust his motion to favor his elbow should be shot. I would happily volunteer for that last task.
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Veejaneveejane on August 30th, 2005 - 08:14 pm
while offense is more important than defense, if your defense sucks you will lose games you should've won.

Er, yeah, especially when you lard your team with the only kind of pitcher whose ERA is 90% dependent on the defense behind them.

(I mean, that doesn't explain why Big Derek has been giving up homers like they're going out of style, but...)
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