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Revenge is a dish best served deep fried, or at least that's the opinion of this fellow, who discovered that Fuddruckers, one of those family burger franchises with an excessively annoying name, was hotlinking directly to a game he'd written for his website, making it appear as though the game was actually hosted on theirs. Basically, they stole his bandwidth without bothering to ask.

Anyway, the guy set up some code so that instead of the game, folks linking to it from Fuddruckers' site got a screed mentioning that the bandwidth was stolen, along with a bunch of pop-ups showing pictures of what goes on in the slaughterhouses that provide Fuddruckers' product.

Sometime overnight, the moron running Fuddruckers' site took the whole site down, replacing it with, of all things, Google's home page. That's right, if you're gonna steal some bandwidth, might as well steal it from the big boys.

Have been watching some of the coverage of the aftermath of Katrina, and the level of cluelessness demonstrated by Dubya and the feds just defies belief. Even that odious, GWB ass-kissing toad Tony Blankley was publicly criticizing Bush on the McLaughlin Group last night. That was immediately followed by a repeat of a NOW episode from 2002 discussing what would happen if a Katrina-sized storm hit NOLA, and questioning the massive slashing of the Corps of Engineers' budget request for upgrading the levees. Talk about an "I told you so." Very prescient reporting. The news people on the ground in the area seem to be on the verge of, if not already, losing it. CNN, especially, has been just hammering the pols. Anderson Cooper was irate the other night as he interviewed Senator Landrieu, accusing the politicians of patting each other on the back while doing nothing. Jack Cafferty somewhat ironically wondered if it was a coincidence that the politicians didn't show up for their photo ops until the supply trucks started arriving. CNN also put up this handy list of things the feds seem clueless about. (Fox News, OTOH, ran an update on the Natalee Holloway story at one point last night.) Meanwhile, George Bush was talking about how poor ol' Trent Lott lost his summer home. Really tugs on the old heart strings, ya know?

The Rockies hammered Weaver and the Dodgers last night. Feh.

Absolutely perfect day outside. Trying to decide whether to ride my bike this morning or mow the lawn. Later Vee and I are going to a charity BBQ at McCoy stadium where we will stuff ourselves with burgers and hot dogs while watching the PawSox take on Scranton.
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