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Labor Day

It was a long, mostly aggravating weekend with fabulous weather, apart from a brief sunshower Sunday evening. I rode the bike path twice. Saturday I did fourteen miles in the morning, and this evening I did nine. I'd planned to do more today, but I was aggravated, so I just did one out-and-back lap. It was, however, the first time I've actually felt good at the end of a ride this season, so that's progress. I also went to a PawSox game Saturday night, which I may talk about later.

I did spend some quality time down in the basement, finally finishing the job of breaking the leg lamp's wooden crate down to boards, including removing all the frelling nails. I didn't count them all, but there were probably around 200 nails all told, and me and my needle-nose pliers pulled out each and every one of them. Well, not all of them. Some were so long and tightly held that I had to remove them by clamping the end of the nail in a vise, and then using the board as its own lever the pull them out. By the end of the job my right hand was cramped and well abraded (despite wearing a work glove). I did manage to avoid getting any splinters, but on the other hand, I got a fat lip when the pliers slipped off a nail I was pulling on really hard, and they smacked me in the mouth. Anyway, now I have a huge stack of really crappy wood to do something with. I kind of wish I had a fireplace. It would make great kindling. The more I handled it, the more I became convinced that it wasn't reall good for anything else. I may try running a piece through the planer to see if it cleans up at all, but I'm pessimistic.

Beyond that, I mostly just sat around reading or staring at the computer screen. I finished a reread of Ringworld, and started a reread of The Ringworld Engineers. I'm also through two of the stories in Trouble Is My Business. I also played a lot of Civ III, at least until it started crashing every time I reached 480 AD in my current game. Bother.

My brother is finally back home from SC, after having a second surgery on his foot. Still lots more surgery to go up here.

The Dodgers were swept by the Rockies. Time to be a spoiler.
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