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Santa's Workshop

Went to a Christmas party at Shane and Michelle's last night. Lots of fun and good food. Since I haven't been at volleyball since Halloween, it'd been awhile since I'd seen all these folks, so there was a lot of catching up to do. Nothing really out of the ordinary going on, other than S & hubby not showing up. Ever since she got married, we see less and less of her, and I suspect it's because hubby doesn't want her to see us. Although he's usually friendly, I just don't think he considers us a good influence, what with our non-Baptist ways. Sigh...

Spent much of yesterday and this morning making my secret Santa present. A lot of potential disasters were avoided, and it looks pretty good. I'll post a picture after my secret giftee gets to see it. Still have some presents to get for other folks. Next weekend will be a busy one, what with the Firefly gathering Friday and a possible TTT viewing at some point, so I probably ought to see what I can do to finish it all up this week.

I also need to design some sort of Christmas card today, and start printing those. I'm not sure if I have a decent picture of anything Christmassy to work with. Need to go through my archives.

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