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Strange Dreams, Indeed...

I had a deeply weird dream last night. I was in a clinic of some sort. I didn't start out there, but things are a little fuzzy before then. I was there to get medication of some kind, and they gave me three different drugs in serum vials. I went off to try to find a private room to take them, but there were two problems. First it dawned on me that I would need a syringe to administer the drugs, and a) I didn't have one, and b) I had no idea how to give myself an injection anyway. Second, there was someone else in the room. He talked to me for a moment (I don't remember what he said), then left through a hole in the wall, and it occurred to me that he was probably living inside the walls like Lazlo in Real Genius. He even looked like Lazlo, now that I think of it.

Anyway, I was trying to decide whether to find someone to give me the injections, or follow the guy into the wall when a woman came through the door, and she asked me if I would teach a groups of kids in the next room the sugars song, just like I did the last time I was there. (Huh?) So I followed her into a what turned out to be a class room, with a mixed group of adults and kids, and tried to remember the sugars song. Except there was no song. It's the mnemonic for remembering the names of the eight aldohexoses. So I started writing it out on a white board, except I couldn't remember it because I kept thinking it's a song, and I couldn't get the song right because I was earwormed by Tom Lehrer's Elements song. I tried singing that with another guy in the class, but we completely frelled it up. ("There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hafnium and gubnium, and bremium, and reenium, and...") I went back to the white board, and as I was writing, I did remember the last part of the mnemonic, "in gallon tanks," so I wrote that, and started writing "galactose" under "gallon." Except I kept getting confused by the earworm, and kept making mistakes, which I tried to erase, but the teacher had given me the wrong kind of pen for the white board, so it won't erase, and I still couldn't remember the first part because of the earworm, and I started to get embarrassed that I couldn't remember.

Then I wake up. It's morning, so I get up. And I remember, "All altruists gladly make gum in gallon tanks." Allose, altrose, glucose, mannose, gulose, idose, galactose, and talose. Go figure.

Jon at DT posted a neat recap of a great Dodger-Braves game played twenty-two years ago today. DLowe pitched another excellent game yesterday, beating the Padres, 3-1. His games scores since he made the adjustment to his motion are 63, 90, 74, and 63. The five immediately preceding the adjustment were 35, 54, 41, 53, and 23. The adjustment? He nows starts his motion with his foot on the first-base side of the rubber, instead of the third-base side.
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