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Torrents of rain yesterday and today, with more on the way, I expect, as Ophelia wobbles her way up the east coast. The current projection has her passing just south of us tomorrow morning. Just as long as she doesn't decide to make that left turn up Narragansett Bay. I'm going to shut down the servers tonight before I go home, just in case.

There's lots I should do this weekend, some of it outside. I need to replace the front porch lights, and figure out how to automate them. I'd prefer to just install a couple of photocells. They're cheap, but I'm unsure about reliability. I've already had two sets of cells crap out in the fixtures I have out there now. Granted the fixtures were cheap ones from Wal*Mart, but the replacement set of cells from the Depot didn't last much longer than the originals. I don't know if they are just that fragile, or if it's because the fixtures aren't all that weather-tight. The photocells in the side fixture and in the post lamp in the front yard are still working great four years after I installed them, but those cells are better protected from the weather than the ones by the front stoop. The problem out front is that the fixtures have to sit on top of clapboard siding, which leaves some large gaps between the fixture and the wall. Last time I just filled the gaps with plastic foam. This time I'll try to gin up something that seals the gap up tighter.

The alternative to photocells is some kind of timer switch that I'd install in the switch box for the lights. It would be more expensive initially, and I'd also have to replace the nice wooden switch plate that currently covers the switches by the front door. Then I'd have to program it. It's so much easier just to have the lights come on when it gets dark, and go off when it gets light.

Of course, if it's raining all weekend, I'm not going to be doing any electrical work outdoors.

The other job I need to do soon is to reroute my heating system so that the back room gets the heat last rather than first. Certainly it needs to be done before the weather turns cold.

It looks like the Google Blog Search bug has been swatted. I have mostly vanished from Google BS, except for the odd reference or comment. Still doesn't explain why Google seems to think Vee's Boskone report is part of a landscaping page.

DLowe threw his fifth excellent game in a row last night against the hated Jints, winning 7-1. He did give up a home run, but he didn't give it up to Barry Bonds, so that's okay.
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