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Surveying the Baseball Blogs

Lots of interesting baseball stuff the last couple of days as lots of folks start looking at next year.

Baseball Analysts has a post that starts out with the question of whether or not the Mariners are risking injury to their young phenom, Felix Hernandez, by pitching him too much, but then veers sideways a bit to discuss the Mets teams of the mid-eighties. The bit I liked best was a quote from Bob Klapisch, who covered the team:

All the Mets failed to take the game seriously back then, but Doc [Gooden] and Darryl [Strawberry] were the worst offenders. They thought it was cool to show up to the park hungover. I remember when Kevin Elster gave it one last go-round with the Yankees in spring training in '02. He still had great hands, but he was like some alien creature to the other players - showing up two minutes before everyone had to be on the field, still smelling of beer and cigarettes. Everyone else had already been in the complex for two hours working out, but Elster - like all the other Eighties Mets - never believed in that.

The Mets of the eighties were probably the closest thing there ever was to the old Cardinal "Gas House Gang" teams. They were young, immensely talented, and had money to burn. In New York. They swaggered a lot. They all flamed out pretty quickly. Well, except for Jesse Orosco.

Then there's this interesting way of looking at baseball economics over at the Hardball Times, which may explain why Torii Hunter may be playing centerfield for the Yankees next season.

Finally, I thought this was just neat. It's a simple way of looking at and comparing team statistics. It's a simple trick that converts stats for the team as a whole into something that's easier to assimilate at a glance, i.e., by converting them into a set of generic player's stats. Very nifty. Wish I'd thought of it.
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