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It was a boring morning, so I spent a bit of time over at Hardball Times looking for ways to occupy myself.

In 1962, the newly minted Mets had not one, but two pitchers named Bob Miller. One of them was never heard from again. The other wound up having a pretty decent career in the bigs. This is his story, and it's actually a pretty interesting one.

Carlos Silva is on the verge of setting a modern major league record for fewest walks given up per nine innings. So far, in a 188+ innings worked, he's only given up nine walks. Talk about command of the strike zone. It could be just be a fluke. Last year in a similar number of innings, he gave up thirty-five (still a pretty good number).

Speaking of flukes, some folks are getting on Ichiro for his (relatively) weak performance this season, because his stats have dropped so precipitously from last year. However, if you look at his career, it's this year that's normal, and his 2004 season may have been one of the greatest fluke seasons since Norm Cash hit .361 in 1961.

Living in New England as I do, all I hear on the news and from local fans is that David Ortiz must be the AL MVP this year. Here's an opposing view as to why he shouldn't be. It turns out that DH's aren't really all that valuable.

Finally, some comic relief from the Old Perfessor, Casey Stengel, on being asked how the Mets were doing:

"Well, we've got this Johnny Lewis in the outfield. They hit a ball to him yesterday, and he turned left, then he turned right, then he went straight back and caught the ball. He made three good plays in one. And Greg Goossen, he's only twenty and with a good chance in ten years of being thirty."

And this, to Yankee outfielder Bob Cerv:

"Nobody knows this yet, but one of us has just been traded to Kansas City."
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