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"Luck is the residue of design." -- Branch Rickey

That also includes bad luck. There's a neat discussion here (mostly in the comments) on DePo's penchant for acquiring physically fragile players. This comes as a result of the announcement that not only is J.D. Drew's left wrist (broken when he was hit by a pitch) not recovering as quickly as expected, but he is also going to have surgeries to address chronic problems with his right wrist and shoulder, problems that DePo apparently knew about when he backed the dump truck full of money up to Drew's house.

One argument here is that no one could possibly have known that Drew would get plunked, and that when he was in the line-up, he was a tremendously valuable player. The opposing view is that Drew is so fragile that it was only a matter of time before he got hurt anyway, and regardless of how valuable he is when playing, when he isn't playing you're left with Jason Grabowski in right. (With all the things that went wrong this season, it's kind of amazing that Jose Cruz, Jr., has played so well since coming to LA.)

Pardon me, Mr. Craig, but how are we going to defense Mr. McCovey...in the upper deck or the lower deck? -- Casey Stengel to pitcher Roger Craig

Ol' Case was talking about Willie McCovey, of course, who among others things held the ML record for intentional walks received in a season for thirty-four years, until it was shattered by Barry Bonds, or rather, shattered by managers who figured it was only way to pitch to the sumbitch. There's a nice analysis of Bonds' performance enhancement here. I've decided that my ultimate moment of schadenfreude would be if Bonds trips over first base and ruptures his achilles tendon a la Gabe Kapler while doing home run trot #713.

"This is a bump in the road." -- Gabe Kapler

Speaking of Kapler, he's had a trying, Dodger-like season, but on the bright side, he's now got his own footnote in baseball history. He is one of the few players in history to be pinch run for in the middle of a play.

Do you realize that even as we sit here, we are hurtling through space at a tremendous rate of speed? Think about it. Our world is just a hanging curveball. -- Bill Lee

DePo is considering re-signing Paul Bako to be the back-up catcher behind Dioner Navaro.

What the frell? -- DXMachina
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