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Merry Christmas

It's the morning of Christmas Eve, and I'm finishing up the Herculean task of packing up my office so that it can be painted and get new carpeting. Got the last two gifts I needed last night, and started wrapping. Took about two hours, not too bad for twenty-four gifts.

I also did another Christmas card this year. You can see the on-line version by clicking on the title of this entry. I printed up a lot more than I have in the past, and because of this I wound up using card stock from three different sources, and got noticeable differences between the cards when printed on my Canon 6000. The best looking cards were those printed on some few-year-old Avery stock, while the worst were on some two year old Burlington stock. The Avery stock was very white, thinner than the other stocks, and doesn't seem to soak up ink the way the other stocks do, so the picture looks better, and the blacks are very black, and the other colors are distinct. By comparison, the Burlington stock was off white, and the colors were nowhere near as vibrant. The black area was dark gray. I suspect that it sucks up some of the ink, which makes it look dull. The last stock I tried was some new stock from Staples (I ran out of the others) that was the same weight at the Burlington, but was almost as white as the Avery. It was good, much better than the Burlington, but still duller than the Avery, probably due to absorption of the ink.

We have a color laser printer at work, so I tried the Staples stock in the laser, and got results that were BETTER than the Avery stock. This makes sense, because laser printers use toner rather than ink, so no absorption. Next year, I'm gonna do them all on the laser. Woo hoo!

In other news, the US postal service screwed my Secret Santa giftee. I mailed out my giftee's present on December 16th, priority mail, which means it should have been delivered on the 18th or 19th. It didn't get there until the 23rd, by which time my giftee had already left for vacation. Bother. Meanwhile, I mailed a card to Hec first class on the 19th, and it only took four days to get to San Francisco. Sigh.

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