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Talked to my dad tonight. He's doing a bit better. They have him doing some gentle exercises to rehab the shoulder, but he's still in some pain, and his right arm is useless, which is killing him. As he says, all he does at work anymore is talk on the phone and write, and now he can't write. OTOH, he's stopped wearing the sling, so there is progress. Or orneriness. Meanwhile, the lawn needs for mowing. Brother #2 lives closest, and would normally step in and help, but he's the one who crushed his foot in a motorcycle accident a month ago, and is looking at more surgery, and a six month rehab. When it rains, it pours. Fortunately, brother #1 is currently healthy (raps hand on wooden desk), and has offered to help. I'll probably go down for a visit in a couple weeks. More on that in a bit.

It was a pleasant weekend. I spent a chunk of it up in the attic going through stuff, and trying to neaten some. It's probably a hopeless task, but I did get some stuff off the staircase and onto shelves up there, as well as hauling a big pile of old clothes down to the basement so I can wash them (they've been sitting in a big pile since I moved in), then see if any of them still fit (doubtful). If not, it's off the Salvation Army, along with another box o'stuff I started filling today.

I hit the bike path Saturday, and had a great ride, despite having not riden in a couple of weeks. It was my best speed so far, my knee didn't hurt, and I didn't get winded like I had been. I did nine miles, still not as far as I'd have been doing at this point in past years, but good enough. I was going to ride again today, but it turned gray late in the afternoon. Also, I tried to cut one of my finger tips off while making dinner last night, and it hurts quite a bit.

It's going to be a busy week at work, because the week after I'm finally going to burn some vacation time. Last year I'd pretty much used up all my time by this point, but so far this year the only time I've taken off was to go to the F2F. So, by judiciously allocating my 11 remaining vacation days plus 1 floating holiday to coincide with some holidays, I have next week off (plus Columbus Day), then the entire week of Thanksgiving, and Christmas week, too. Woo!

I have a huge list of things I want to get done next week, as I always do. Of course, I usually look back at the end to discover that I've gotten absolutely nothing on the list accomplished. I am a professional level time-fritterer. But just for the sake of argument, here's a list:

Make list.

• Reroute heating system flow - required time to accomplish, probably ¾ day, maybe less if things go well. What are the chances?

• Replace porch lights - half a day, most of it to fashion some sort of gap filler between the fixture and the clapboard.

• Move ceiling light fixtures around in back room, kitchen, and office. This is basically musical chandeliers. The one currently in my office (the room formerly known as the dining room) is an ugly floral-patterned thing that I hate. There's a small chandelier with cut glass panels that I like very much in the kitchen that I want to move to the office, and an overhead fixture in the back room that would work perfectly well in the kitchen. That would let me install my ceiling fan in the back room, where it could help a lot. It would take a day or more, I suspect, to swap them all around. More if the overhead receptacle in the back room needs more bracing to handle the fan.

• Clean out Subaru, and make arrangements to have it hauled away. Couple of hours. Would've done it last year except for the then active yellow-jacket nest in the engine compartment.

• Rip out the carpet in the living room. Such a simple sentence. Of course to accomplish this, I'll also have to clean out the storage area that my living room has become, along with removing the stuff that's supposed to be in there, like the TV and stereo equipment. As it is, I'll have to work around the couch, because I have no other place to put it. The prognosis on this one is "highly unlikely."

• Head down to Jersey to see assorted crippled family members. Hang out with Alex, as well, and maybe head over to Navesink to get some decent photos of the lighthouse. I should also pick up a couple of cases of Yeungling whilst I'm down there.

• Ride bike as much as possible. I was considering riding the path from Somerville out towards Lexington one morning, then grabbing some Redbones for lunch, but that's looking very unlikely given everything else that has to be done. Also, it's a long car trip just to ride a bike. I could just bring the bike with me down to Jersey. There's a path that starts at the end of my folks' street that follows an old trolley route. It'd be nostalgic, because it parallels the route I used to take when I'd ride to my grandparents' house. Must investigate Jersey riding options.

• Play a round of golf. It's been three years since I last played, and I had to go to Canada to do it. To be honest, I haven't missed it that much. It's not that I don't enjoy playing, but playing by yourself sucks. The thing is, playing with strangers is worse, especially when you haven't picked up a club in three years. I don't need that kind of embarrassment. The thing is, to be able to play solo you usually have to go very early in the morning. Otherwise you wind up getting stuck as the fourth person in a foursome with three best friends all with handicaps under five. I don't mind getting up early, but the morning dew ensures that your feet will be wet, and the greens will be slow.

It's a full list.

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