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The Newest Neat Thing

So, just suppose for a second that you have a lot of books, and want an easy way to catalog them all. Whadda you gonna do? You go to LibraryThing, type in a couple of search phrases, say "boys of summer, Kahn," and then click on the Library of Congress data retrieved by the search engine to add the book to your catalog, along with any tags you'd like. Easy peasy. Also potentially addictive. It's sort of like Flickr, except for books.

One thing I did notice is that the search engine is a little picky. I tried "Ball Four, Bouton," and although it gave me several versions of the book, it didn't give me the edition I have. (Bouton adds a new appendix to each reissue, so it does matter.)

I was pointed towards LibraryThing at Dodger Thoughts, of all places, in the comments on a good piece by Jon on how it's often more pleasant to attend major league games when your team is totally out of contention. Traffic is lighter, good seats are easier to get, and folks in the stands are mellower. It almost makes up for the losing. Of course, since I don't live in LA, I can't take advantage of it.

Lost amidst the uproar when the Orioles kicked Rafael Palmeiro off the team the other day is the fact that another Oriole in the 500 HR club who's alleged to have used steroids, Sammy Sosa, has likely played his last game in an Oriole uniform, if not any ML team. Now if only Bonds would take the hint.

The Dodgers took two of three from Pittsburgh as they play out the string. DLowe bounced back from his poor performance in Arizona to get the win. Seven games to go...
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