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All Dead...

Miracle Max: Now, all dead...well, with all dead, there's usually only one thing that you can do.

Inigo: What's that?

Miracle Max: Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

More progress:

Make list.
Reroute heating system flow.
• Replace porch lights.
• Move ceiling light fixtures around in back room, kitchen, and office.
Clean out Subaru, and make arrangements to have it hauled away.
Put away air conditioners for winter.
• Get new tires for the truck.
• Rip out the carpet in the living room.
• Head down to Jersey to see assorted crippled family members.
• Ride bike as much as possible.
• Play a round of golf.

I went through the Subaru's clothes today. It's been a couple of years since I've even tried to lie to myself that the old crate was just mostly dead. Yeah, I suppose I could've gotten it a new battery, and turned the engine over, but really, it was already on it's last legs when I got the truck, and it's been three years since I even last tried to start it. I do miss it sometimes. I drove it for almost twelve years, 175,000 miles worth. It was a good car for a very long time. It took me to Maine and DC and Boston and down the trails on my brothers' farm. I still miss the four-wheel drive. I hauled soccer gear and soccer players all over the northeast in it, and hauled myself and teammates to softball games from New Haven to Hanover, and from Burlington to Orono. I drove it through a blinding snowstorm to get to my grandmother's funeral with only a back massager plugged into the lighter for heat to defrost the windshield. I even fell in love in that car, for all the good it's done me.

Now it just sits there, a storage shed on wheels that have become semi-embedded in the tarmac of my driveway. It a place where I can stash lawn fertilizer, and where yellow-jackets can build their homes, but not much else. Tomorrow I'll call someone to haul it away. The final tally - $2.06 and 26 Garden State Parkway toll tokens.

Speaking of dead, I just finished watching the last Dodger game of the season, a loss to the Padres. Wait til next year...
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