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...about the Stargate movie. (Which is on right now, and I generally watch the beginning when I can. I don't care much for the rest of the film, but I like the figuring out part.) Why exactly did they need Daniel Jackson at the beginning? They'd already matched six of the figures on the cover stone to symbols on the gate, and they'd figured out how to get them to lock in. Katherine as much as said so when they fired up the gate after Daniel presented his analysis. It didn't really matter that they were constellations. They already knew they worked regardless of definition. All they had to do was try each of the remaining symbols with the first six to until the gate opened. They probably could have done that in an afternoon. (And of course have the V-8 moment when they realized the seventh symbol had been on the cover stone all along.) Don't get me wrong. It's nice to know why those particular symbols were chosen, and I can see why they would need him once they activated the gate, and found out that the symbols were different on Abydos. Just another movie nitpick.
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